Arch. Mauro Tonelli

“... My, is an adventurous job. A border trade, in the balance between calculation and unconscious, on the border between courage of the invention and prudence of history. But it is one of the finest crafts in the world, because on this small planet, where everything has already been discovered, design and experience this extraordinary ritual that is doing, creating, attempting is still one of the greatest adventures possible.”

A project is a conceptual process. An attitude that evolves, which contradicts, that changes, transforms... and this is why I find it extraordinary. Within a process we speak of economics, capabilities, experience, politics and aesthetics.

My proposal is... an idea: give answers to integrated projects and to the increasing demand for specialization in the field, with an organization capable of resolving any need occurs. An interdisciplinary and comprehensive set of management that, through exchange of experiences, cultures, organizational capacities, intellectual and cultural heritage close to other realities, will find a spring to be the driving force and optimize the use of resources, increasing the professionalism of the team work.

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